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This urban transformation project, located in Kartal District, has been handled within the scope of the Construction Contract between the Owners and Kiptaş, upon the agreement of the owners with Kiptaş.

7 Blocks and 600 Blocks. This project, which consists of flats, consists of 5 Type blocks. It consists of 2 Blocks, 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 flats where Residence+Trade is operated. It aims to be a project that is permeable in the neighborhood, but has inner gardens within the building block, with the garden structure that is not intended to work as a closed site.

Conventional and non-console Worked with the column-beam method. Due to the field conditions and Kartal Municipality Plan Notes, 1 basement floor and additional foundation piles were used.



YEAR : 2023

BUILT AREA :  60.000,00 sqm

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