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SERKAN ÖZTEN ARCHITECTURE is an Architecture based design firm located in Istanbul, Turkey. Our main goal is to produce projects by using our experience from Architecture in Interior Architecture, Graphic & Website Design and Product Design.

Render & Our Animation Studio products are formed with the knowledge and experience coming from the preparations of our Architectural Projects at the presentation stage.

Our projects start with concept designs and visuals, progress with drawings that have begun to be detailed, and are completed with an application project after the necessary license project/negotiations drawings.

SERKAN ÖZTEN ARCHITECTURE, Concept, Preliminary, License and Application Projects in Housing Projects
It takes an active role in the solution process and takes part in the continuation of the projects in which it is directly or collectively involved.


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SERKAN OZTEN /Master Architect

SERKAN ÖZTEN ARCHITECTURE Founder Serkan ÖZTEN was born on 18 June 1991 in Istanbul. After graduating from Bahçeşehir University, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Department of Architecture in 2013, she completed the Istanbul Technical University Architecture Master's Program in 2016. Since 2009, he has completed his education life by participating in various domestic and international workshops. He continued his Architectural Career, which he started in 2013, in various offices and construction sites, gaining experience in Turkey's leading Architectural Offices. He continues to work within the body of SERKAN ÖZTEN ARCHITECTURE, which he founded in 2021. 

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