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Located in Çanakkale Province, Gallipoli District, the project has a closed area of ​​10.000 m2. With its settlement consisting of axes of 10.40 meters, it serves as a closed marketplace for the people of the region.


Vaulted roofs form the top cover on 10.40 mt axles. Light and ventilation control is provided by positioning overhead lanterns on vaulted roofs. Clamped Metal Roofing was preferred as the roof covering, and Transparent Polycarbonate Coating was preferred for the openings related to lighting. Sandwich panels are used on the facade.

Each column also works on rainwater collection, and the vertical water pipes run through the steel column are designed to collect rainwater in the water tank under the foundation.



YEAR : 2022

BUILT AREA : 10.000,00 sqm

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